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What is Uveitis ?

Uveitis specifically refers to inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, termed the "uvea" but in common usage may refer to any inflammatory process involving the interior of the eye.
Uveitis requires an urgent referral and thorough examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist along with urgent treatment to control the inflammation.

Sign And Symptoms:

Medical signs of Anterior Uveitis include dilated ciliary vessels, presence of cells and flare in the anterior chamber, and keratic precipitates ("KP") on the posterior surface of the cornea.

Cause of Uveitis:

The cause of non-infectious uveitis is unknown but there are some strong genetic factors that predispose disease onset including HLA-B27 and the PTPN22 genotype.
Recent evidence has pointed to reactivation of Herpes simplex, varicella zoster and other viruses as important causes of developing what was previously described as idiopathic anterior uveitis. Bacterial infection is another significant contributing factor in developing uveitis.

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