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  • Use the eye drops and medicines as prescribed
  • Avoid rubbing or squeezing your eye
  • Protection: Dark eyeglasses may be worn during the daytime, especially outdoors, to avoid any discomfort that you may have from bright light and also to prevent any injury to eye.
  • Face wash: Avoid splashing water directly into the eye atleast for one month. You may use a clean, soft, wet towel to wipe your face.
  • Shaving: Shaving of the beard is permitted after the operation.
  • Bathing: Body bath (below the neck) may be resumed after the first day, but avoid taking a shower or a bath in the bathtub for the first month after surgery.
  • Head bath: One may wash the hair with the head tilted backwards to avoid any water splashing into the eye.
  • Games: Normal daily activities including walking, reading and watching television may be resumed soon after the operation. However avoid strenuous activities like jogging, lifting weights, swimming, gardening, aerobics, contact sports etc. for 1-2 months.
  • Makeup: Avoid eye makeup for 6 weeks.
  • Diet: There are no dietary restrictions and you may take your routine diet. However, the restrictions as per you pre-existing medical problems, if any, are to continue. Avoid constipation by taking high fiber diet and plenty of fluids.
  • Driving: Avoid driving unless the surgeon permits you.
  • Job: You may get back to your job in 1-4 weeks after surgery depending on your profession. Ask your surgeon about this.
  • Normal symptoms: The following symptoms are normal and are not a cause for alarm. These are slight redness, mild watering, mild irritation, glare and slight drooping of upper eyelid. These will remain to some extent for 6-8 weeks.
  • Alarming symptoms: In case of any pain, injury, decrease in vision or flashes of light in the operated eye, contact your surgeon immediately.

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