Even if you have not experienced eye problems in the past, you should see an ophthalmologist if:

  • You experience a change in vision in one or both eyes, such as blurring, double vision, blind spots, flashing lights or floaters
  • Your eyes experience pain, persistent irritation, itching, discharge or the sensation of a foreign body
  • You have had recurrent conjunctivitis, or red eyes
  • You experience problems with too many or too few tears
  • You have a growth on the eyelid or the eyelid is incorrectly positioned
  • You are diabetic and / or hypertensive
  • You are aged above 40
  • You have a family history of glaucoma


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Gogi Eye Clinic, Aligarh, is one of the oldest hospitals in the town. It is located strategically at a premium location on Ramghat Road and is easily accessible to all parts of the town.

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