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What is Diabetic Retinopathy ?

People with diabetes mellitus cannot use or store sugar properly. High levels of sugar in the blood can damage small blood vessels in the retina. This Manifestation of diabetes is known as Diabetic Retinopathy. High blood pressure in addition to diabetes, can make retinopathy worse, or progress more quickly. Nearly half of all people with diabetes will develop some degree of diabetic retinopathy during their life. People with untreated diabetes have a 25 times higher risk of going blind than other people.

Can it cause Blindness?

Yes. Severe loss of vision can occur due to bleeding within the eye or a retinal detachment. Moderate loss of vision can occur due to swelling of macula (central part of retina).

Can it be Detected early ?

Diabetic retinopathy often has no early warning signs. Don't wait for symptoms. A simple dilated eye examination by a retina specialist can help to determine the amount and severity of the disease.

Can Vision Loss be Prevented ?

Yes, provided the systemic parameters mentioned below are achieved by a healthy diet and physicians’’ consultation.

  • Tight blood sugar control (HbA1c < 7%)
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Maintain normal lipid profile.
  • Haemoglobin to be maintained > 12gm%
  • Exercise regularly.

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